The Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo [Amy Williams] [Helena Bugallo]



Arrell, Chris Diptych* (for two prepared pianos)
Bartók, Béla Seven Pieces from Mikrokosmos
Bauckholt, Carola Myzel* (for two prepared pianos)
Berio, Luciano



Busoni, Ferruccio Fantasia Contrappuntistica
Cage, John


Three Dances for Two Prepared Pianos

Corbett, Sidney Pianos' Dreams
Davidovsky, Mario Capriccio
Demers, Inouk Custom Audio Products, Series 15* (for two prepared pianos)
Eötvös, Peter Kosmos
Etkin, Mariano Aquello
Feldman, Morton

Composition 1958

Two Pianos

Two Pieces for Two Pianos

Vertical Thoughts 1

Foss, Lukas Solo Observed (arr. for two pianos and computer by Amy Williams)
García, Orlando Jacinto For Dennis Kam*
Gibson, John Jangle
Gibson, Mara for two pianos*
Hoyland, Vic The Attraction of Opposites*
Jolas, Betsy teletalks*
Kagel, Mauricio Capriccio on Two Pianos
Kurtág, György Játékok (complete works for two pianos)
Liderman, Jorge Wind-Up Toys
Ligeti, György Three Pieces for Two Pianos
León, Tania Satiné
Messiaen, Olivier Visions de l'amen
Nancarrow, Conlon Study for Player Piano #44 (arr. by Helena Bugallo)
Ortiz, Pablo Fear of Tango
Rands, Bernard Espressione IV
Reich, Steve Piano Phase
Rusconi, Michele NOMOLL* (for two prepared pianos)
Rzewski, Frederic Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
Santero, Santiago Bagatella*
Sciarrino, Salvatore Sonata for Two Pianos
Shawn, Allen Five Pieces for Two Pianos*
Smith, Linda Catlin Velvet
Stahnke, Manfred Stereopartota (arr. by the composer)*
Stravinsky, Igor

Dumbarton Oaks (arr. by the composer)

Movements (arr. by the composer)

Septet (arr. by the composer)

Agon (arr. by the composer)

Scherzo a la russe (arr. by the composer)

Torstensson, Klas Koorde
Volans, Kevin Cicada
Weir, Judith Ardnamurchan Point
Williams, Amy Binary Stars*
Wolpe, Stefan The Man from Midian
Zimmerman, Antonio Piezas y promendades*



Beethoven, Ludwig van Grosse Fuge
Cage, John Furniture Music Etcetera (realized by the Duo)
Debussy, Claude Six Epigraphes Antiques
Febel, Reinhard Grand Duo*
Feldman, Morton Piano (Three Hands)

Piano Four Hands

Hoh, Chung Shih Dances and Dreams I and II*
Kagel, Mauricio Ein Eid des Hippokrates
Kurtág, György Játékok (complete works for piano duet)

Transcriptions from Machaut to Bach


Seven Bach Chorales

Lang, David gravity / after gravity*
Ligeti, György Sonatina
Michaels, Joe Together in Perfect Harmony*
Nancarrow, Conlon Sonatina (arr. by Yvar Mikhashoff)

13 Studies for Player Piano (arr. by Erik Oña, Yvar Mikhashoff and the Duo)

Oña, Erik Jodeln*
Ravel, Maurice Frontispice
Reich, Steve Clapping Music
Schubert, Franz Fantasy in F minor
Stravinsky, Igor Five Easy Pieces

The Rite of Spring (arr. by the composer)

Petrushka (arr. by the composer)

Concertino (arr. by the composer)

Three Pieces for String Quartet (arr. by the composer)

Tiensuu, Jukka /L


Vigeland, Nils Ives Music #3*
Villanueva, María Cecilia Cuatro esquinas*
Williams, Amy Abstracted Art I and II*




Andriessen, Louis The Hague Hacking (two pianos, chamber orchestra)
Berio, Luciano Linea (two pianos, two percussion)
Feldman, Morton

Extensions 4 (three pianos)

Two Pieces for Three Pianos

Four Pianos

Five Pianos

Ginastera, Alberto Cantata para América Mágica (soprano, two pianos, celeste, percussion orchestra)
Nancarrow, Conlon

Study for Player Piano #16 (two pianos, eight hands)

Study for Player Piano #26 (four pianos, seven hands)

Oña, Erik

Andere Stimmen (one piano, six hands)

Lokaler Widerstand (piano four-hands, string ensemble)*

Reich, Steve Sextet (two pianos, percussion quartet)
Varèse, Edgard Ameriques (arr. by the composer for two pianos, eight hands)
Vigeland, Nils Journey (two pianos, two percussion)
Walter, Caspar Johannes split tones 2* (two prepared pianos and bass clarinet)
Wolpe, Stefan Seven Pieces for Three Pianos

Enactments (three pianos)

*written/arranged for the Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo